Most users will have no difficulty using the V right out of the box. No problem, though do beware that it’s easy to block the flash if you’re not careful. I took pictures that were quite underexposed because I inadvertently pressed the joystick to the left, setting EV to Focus takes a long time, so while the shutter seemed more responsive than our test show it to be, you really can’t catch the moment. It isn’t bad enough to annoy you, but it isn’t smooth, either. There will be a lot of looking over the shoulder during playback. EasyShare is the really valuable accessory that comes with every Kodak digicam.

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Distortion wasn’t excessive either at wide angle or telephoto, either. The joystick means business; unusual for a joystick. I’d prefer a Review mode button with a Favorites shortcut to switch to my permanent collection because mostly I want to see what’s new.

Advanced Video Features The EasyShare V can record high-quality VGA video easyshhare 30 fps with sound while using less memory compared to oter digital cameras with MPEG-4 compression, you can then view your videos, print multiple frames, Save single frames and e-mail video clips or stills to family and friends. There will be a kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera of looking over the shoulder during playback.

Editing features include on-camera cropping so you can crop in tight to see the important details, and kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera red-eye reduction which automatically reduces red eye during and after picture capture.

Kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera the V is powered down the lens is fully retracted into the camera body and the built-in lens cover slides back into place. The instant review is good for that, of course, and recent graduates from camphone school will use that almost as much as a mirror to see what they and their friends look like. You’ll have to do that yourself. It’s a convenient navigator, but I often hit it accidentally, changing the EV setting. The Shutter button on the Kodak EasyShare V is just right, large enough to find and easy to half-press and fully press, too.

Kodak EasyShare V/V zoom digital camera — User’s guide

HTM in the GalleryI couldn’t see well enough to line each shot up — and there’s a bad slice as a result. Cropped slightly to remove an extraneous detail.

It’s average among digicams of kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera class, but heftier than the featherweights that are just impossible to steady as you press their unusually stiff shutter buttons.

You can add video bookmarks to skip to interesting places in a movie and you can make a grid of 4, 9, or 16 images from video frames. v830

Furthermore, the blurry picture alert lets you know if your pictures are in focus so you can re-shoot if necessary. I like kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera, I really do. I’d have really liked a switch. That goes for chromatic aberration and sharpness, too.

As a fashion accessory it has the goods; it’s only missing the diamonds. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. It starts with Favorites and easy docking to optional printer docks to make 4×6 prints, but it extends to Kodak’s free EasyShare software that can import easyshaer images when you attach the camera to your computer with a USB cable.

Range was short around the table not across the room and even then the shots were underexposed. What’s not just right is the Power button. The Kodak V includes user-friendly functions such as in-camera digital kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera removal, a blurry picture warning, kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera a new “Maintain Settings” menu that lets the user store their preferred settings such as flash, white balance, ISO, and resolution for use each time the camera is powered on.

The V is very easy on the eyes. It provides an easy way to view, edit, organize, print or view a slide show from your computer, and the exclusive One Touch to Better Pictures feature automatically adjusts the settings on your inkjet printer to give you traditional quality photos when printing on Kodak Inkjet Photo Papers. It’s simple to save a picture as a Favorite, just use the Share button and your camera automatically makes and saves a lower resolution copy of the original in your camera’s internal memory.

The unique design of the camera dock makes it an appropriate accessory for any room decor and you can create a custom slideshow of your favorite pictures to view right in the dock.

Kodak EasyShare V803/V1003 zoom digital camera — User’s guide

Noise is noticeably worse zoo ISO with detail beginning to blur and colors beginning to fade. The display is designed to let you see your pictures with brightness and clarity – even in direct sunlight, and makes it kodak easyshare v803 zoom digital camera to share your shots with family and friends.

Image capture with pre-focus is close to real time, but from scratch the delay can drag out to as much as two seconds.

I also like the Kodak V’s weight. Digitl Review Jump to review page It’s actually smaller in the hand than it might appear. Kodak EasyShare V, 8.